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I am a pianist/musician first having studied music my whole life. I received my B.A. in music (with a minor in French) from Wayne State University and several years later earned a Masters Degree from Oakland University in Choral Conducting in 2016. My primary instrument is the piano which I’ve studied and have played for over 25 years.

However, my skillset extends beyond his musical background. I found a passion for design at an early age and was driven to learn graphic & web design, and most recently, photography and video. This passion came not only from an interest in design itself, but for my passion for church work.

I’ve worked in churches for my entire professional life and realized that I can use my other non-musical gifts to help churches get their message out in a digital world.


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Music has been number one passion and call in my life. Beginning piano lessons at age 7, working professionally at age 14, earning two degrees, this is clearly the field I’m meant to be in. God has given me great talent to share with others whether it is as a solo pianist, accompanist, choir and […]

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I have a passion for good clean design. As someone who works in the Church, I see the important need for good design to take place. We are naturally attracted to good clean design. It draws us in and makes us want to know more. I specialize in both print and digital design (graphic, web, […]

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Photography and Video are the most recent additions to my skillset. So much beauty can be captured and shared. My passion for this is tied in with my faith as I feel my strength is capturing content to put together with God’s message. In order to deliver a message, great media content is needed. I […]

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The Journey of the Stone

I was commissioned by Holy Name Catholic Church in Birmingham, MI to write and shoot a short film that told a story about the power of a simple gift… a stone. They will be handing these stones out after their Christmas services. I was honored to take on this project. So when brainstorming what the […]